Which of the following is a feature of Z theory?

THE FEATURES OF THEORY Z. Long-term employment, consensus decision making, individual responsibility, slow evaluation and promotion, informal control with formalized measures, a moderately specialized career path, and holistic concern are the main characteristics of Theory Z.

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What is Mcgregors Theory Z?

The focus of Theory Z is more on fostering an atmosphere where workers are motivated through long-term employment, respect for the individual, personal accountability, and less formal managerial control.

What is the limitations of Theory Z?

The following drawbacks of Theory Z include: It merely provides job security and may fail to foster employee loyalty; an employee may leave the company when better employment opportunities are presented to him by another company; and complete job security may produce lethargy among many employees.
What is Theory Z How can businesses apply Theory Z to the workplace?
When Theory Z is used in business, managers and other employees share responsibilities, management is participative, and employment is long-term. How can businesses apply Theory Z to the workplace? Theory Z is a management philosophy that emphasizes employee participation in all aspects of company decision-making.

Optimal-level Theory, Psychoanalytic Theory, and Humanistic Theory are the three main theories of motivation!
Which one of the following is are leadership theories?
1. Great Man Theory: According to this theory, which really should be called the Great Person Theory, charisma, intelligence, self-assurance, communication skills, and social skills are all natural leadership qualities that leaders possess from birth.

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