Which of the following is a valid statement about contingent workers?

Contingent workers are rarely highly skilled professionals, according to which of the following statements about them? employers are required by law to pay contingent workers the same wages and benefits as permanent employees.

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Who are contingent workers and what is their role?

A contingent workforce is a group of workers that an organization hires temporarily to work on a project. For instance, if you need a voiceover artist for your videos, you can hire them on a video-to-video basis rather than keeping them as permanent employees.

Who is considered a knowledge worker?

Knowledge workers also include pharmacists, public accountants, engineers, architects, lawyers, physicians, scientists, financial analysts, and design thinkers. They include professionals in the information technology fields such as programmers, web designers, system analysts, technical writers, and researchers.
What is a contract worker?
An individual who enters into a contractual agreement with a business in order to provide a service in exchange for payment is known as a contract worker, also known as an independent contractor or 1099 employee (based on the tax form they receive).

Q. Which of the following is a type of nontraditional worker? I. contingent workers II. part-time workers III. people working in alternative work arrangements IV. people with multiple jobs Select the answer from the codes given below
B. I, II& IV
Answer» d. I, II, III& IV

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