Which of the following is not a feature of planning * 1 point A planning is time consuming B planning is pervasive c planning is futuristic D to achieve objectives?

Explanation: tex]thugeed==>[/tex] Planning is pervasive, futuristic, multidimensional, continuous, dynamic function and process, and intangible. Planning is not a feature of time-consuming planning.

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What are the features of planning?

Characteristics of Planning

  • Planning has objectives in mind.
  • Thinking ahead is planning.
  • It takes intelligence to plan.
  • Planning involves choice & decision making.
  • The main responsibility of management is planning, or primacy of planning.
  • The process of planning is ongoing.
  • Planning is everywhere.

Which of the following is not a description of planning * 1 point?

Q. Which of the following is not a description of planning?
C. planning is identifying and accommodating the unforeseen
D. planning is blending the efforts of many people to produce a product that satisfies the customer's need
Answer» b. planning is finding new personnel resources to support labor intensive development

Which of the following is a feature of planning a pervasive C continuous B primary function D all of these?
Answer: D) All of the above. Setting goals is the first step in planning, and achieving them is the last. Planning eliminates uncertainty, danger, and misunderstanding during operation.

It implies that all levels of management as well as all organizational departments must plan. Related Question & Answers.
Which of the following is a benefit of planning?
ensures precision in speech and deed.
What type of plan is not likely to be repeated in future?
Explanation: A method describes how or how one might go about carrying out a particular undertaking or task.
Which is the requirement of good planning?
The five fundamental criteria for a plan are accessibility, clarity, specificity, precision, and accuracy. Is it Accessible? A plan must be accessible by providing the necessary information in a way that makes it easy to locate.

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